Dome Murtha Means More - Know How


Community Health Center Association of Connecticut

Evelyn Barnum, CEO

“In Connecticut, community health centers are the primary health care providers for over 350,000 of the state’s residents.  The implementation of the federal Affordable Care Act has expanded these numbers exponentially, putting great pressure on health center personnel, and their infrastructures.  Responding to this challenge, the Government Affairs team at Murtha Cullina worked with our Association to successfully obtain millions of dollars in new funding for the development of new health care facilities and fought for higher reimbursements for the services provided by these centers.  A core strength of our Association is the outstanding support this team of professionals has provided us in educating decision makers about the critical role of health centers in this state. They have calmly guided us through the complexity of numerous administrative actions and policy decisions that significantly impact our health centers.  We would never have accomplished such important advances on health center issues without them.”

Connecticut Hospice, Inc.

Rosemary Johnson Hurzeler, President

“For forty years Connecticut Hospice has been providing critical end-of-life care to patients across this state.  As an institution that is dependent on the statutory and regulatory actions of government, we could not exist without the support of the Government Affairs Group at Murtha.  Their expertise in the public policy process has allowed us to provide the highest standard of hospice and palliative care in this country.  And along the way, when our resources were strained, the Murtha team successfully advocated for millions of dollars of state support to improve our bottom line.  The fact that these government relations experts have been providing services to our institution since 1997 clearly demonstrates their value and good works on our behalf.”

CT Retail Merchants Association  (CRMA)

Tim Phelan,  President

"Murtha Cullina's Government Affairs Group has represented the CRMA for over fifteen years.  Our membership is incredibly diverse and includes some of the world's largest retailers and many small, 'Main Street' merchants.  The team at Murtha understands the breadth of issues involved in running a retail establishment, no matter the size or customer base, and they represent our issues in a thorough and professional manner.  Despite my having over 20 years experience in state government, I wouldn't make a move without them."