Dome Murtha Means More - Know How

Why Murtha Cullina?

“The legislature just passed a bill and suddenly you discover an entirely new set of regulations governing your industry. Your nonprofit organization will have to cut back operations and staff unless a new source of funding is found. If only you had known – before the application deadline – that your company was a perfect candidate for that multi-year contract.”

Each and every day government makes decisions that bring greater regulatory scrutiny, greater public scrutiny and changes in the way you do business. At some point, every organization faces a vitally important need to communicate its message. When you need your message heard, the members of our Government Affairs Group can make sure you have a voice in the public debate.

Whether you are a major manufacturer or a small business, a large financial institution or a not-for-profit organization, you need to deal effectively with government in order to achieve your goals. And to deal effectively with government, you need to know the policies, programs and politics that drive the work of government. Most important, you need to know the processes and procedures that can make government work for you.