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About Us

By putting our knowledge and experience to work for a diverse, and growing, roster of clients, we have become one of Connecticut's most successful and respected government and public affairs management firms.  

Our group’s sole focus is to work with our clients to identify solutions that meet their needs. Our clients include some the largest and most respected corporations, associations and non-profit organizations.

We work to attain organizational goals, to ensure message integrity and to design cost-effective strategies. Whether introducing a new idea or reinforcing the value of an old one, our group brings collaborative and innovative approaches to help solve client issues. The members of our Government Affairs Group utilize a team approach to lobbying. We do the due diligence on the issues and individuals involved in the client’s area of interest and provide continuous coverage to meet the client's needs. In addition to our own know-how and extensive contacts throughout all levels of state and local government, we utilize the considerable resources of the law firm and its various practice groups. Our group has direct access to Murtha Cullina attorneys to provide background knowledge and support on a wide range of issues when needed.

Collectively, the members of our Government Affairs Group – Janemarie W. Murphy, Michael R. Bzdyra, Elizabeth M. Gemski, Michael J. Martone, David J. McQuade, and Jillian Jackson – have years of experience with both the legislature and the executive branch, working to make government more responsive. Our group continues to develop new and innovative ways to help clients navigate the nuances of conducting business in the state.